Saturday, April 7, 2012

28) Iditarod

oal-Setting.  Bruce Mitchell is a family man.  Bruce Mitchell is an athlete.  Bruce Mitchell has Diabetes.

He runs the Iditarod, “The Last Great Race on Earth®”.  The Alaskan, two week, 975-mile dog sled race starts in Anchorage, and ends at the Bering Sea in Nome (where the Welcome sign reads, “There's No Place like Nome”).

            In 2008, he ran it in under 12 days.  That was his goal, and it put him in the top half (46 out of 96) of the diverse group of male and female Mushers.  Day and night, snow, and steady 8-9° F temperatures.  He had to care for his own health and that of his 12+ dogs.
            As of 2008, in the 15 years that he's had Diabetes, he has run 14 marathons, 3 Iron Man Triathlons, and 2 Iditarods.

            He does it to demonstrate his belief that a disease does not have to confine you from pursuing a goal so long as you have the ability to dream.

            Bruce Mitchell isn't asking kids to run an Iditarod, just to set goals and dream.

            What are your goals and dreams?

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