Friday, December 28, 2012

'Death, Blood & Bloodshed (i.e. Family Holidays)'

53)  Death, Blood & Bloodshed (i.e. Family Holidays)

he Palestinians and Israelis were at it again Congress is too.  It's like two children who disturb the holiday dinner table.  People are pushing others to their death in front of NYC subways.  People are shooting schoolchildren and police officers.  People are burning churches.

            And then there are family gatherings for the holidays...

            Distant strangers feed the victims of Hurricane Sandy and help rebuild their homes.  Others are clothing and sheltering the homeless.

            It really starts with basic respect for one another.  It involves common sense.  And, hopefully, eventually, respect for one's self.

            Nothing can evolve without respect, not the Earth, Humankind, society or personal relationships.

            Whether it's for your family, who deserve the most respect, an entire people, your neighbors, coworkers, clients, the President of the United States, a senior fraternity Brother, a clerk or waitperson, it starts with respect.

            The world was reborn on 12/22/12; in this new time, new year, will you lead and follow with respect?

            Happy New World!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Chicken Little 2.0

52)  'Chicken Little 2.0'

he world ends later today; I’m not sure if it’s US Eastern Daylight Savings Tme or not.  If you're in Australia, it may have already happened.

            I know because Chicken Little told me.  Not to mention, it's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the planets are aligning with the Milky Way, the Sun has started its 11 year storm cycle, we're late for the 6th extinction, Planet Nibiru is going to collide with us, the Poles are reversing, it's the Winter Solstice, the date is all ones and twos (i.e. 12/21/12), there was Super Storm Sandy, people are going crazy and killing children, and the Mayan Calendar ends today!

            WHAT'S A WOMAN TO DO?!!

            If I commanded the Starship Enterprise, I could go to Talos IV, and live any dream I had.  Or, I could visit Mr. Atoz and get processed so that I could step through the Atavacron to a historical period and live out my days in the past, where they all speak English.

            But, we all know that we don't space travel - yet.  (Plans are being discussed for one of the next times the world ends.)

            Financial planning is about the future, but it starts with preventing stepping backwards.  This is risk management.

            Risk management is:

                        1. Common sense (Not giving anything away yet, not drinking Jonestown Kool Aid, or spending all of your savings or credit)
                        2. Dealing with emergencies
                        3. Having emergency savings (which can double as an opportunity fund)
                        3. Credit availability (to supplement cash, or travel - actual or virtual)
                        4. Insurance (transference of catastrophic risks to others)

            I'm prepared; are you?

            If I'm wrong, I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow; maybe I'll do the laundry or I'll watch Star Trek, eat a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli with a Pepsi, and nap, or finally holiday shop.

            Are you managing your risks?  Or ignoring them?  Are you managing your money or is it managing you? Have you been processed for the Atavacron?  What have you planned for tomorrow? 

            (Please don’t call today; I’m having my end of the world cocktail at noon - that’s when it’s midnight in Australia.) 






Monday, December 17, 2012

'I SING the Body Eclectic’

51) I SING the Body Eclectic

alt Whitman wrote 'I SING the Body Electric'.  I write of the 'Body-Mind, Spirit' connection.

            People are different; people are the same.  Everywhere.

            People are normal, 'people are strange' (The Doors)

            There are good people, and bad people.  We have differing geography bodies, clothes, foods, cultures, holidays, music, religion, even values, but throughout history, people are the same.  (Unfortunately, little human social evolution seems to have transpired, and it's still a concern, although we do make slower-than-glacial progress.)

            New York City is a Mixing Bowl; Denver is a Melting Pot.  And more than half of the world now lives in cities.  The top six are in the East or Far East (as are 18 of the top 27 - 2/3!)  NYC and LA are the only US cities; five continents are covered), so it’s also smart to make friends!

            Celebrate diversity.  There's too much intolerance.  Variety is the spice of life.  Diversification spells safety.  It will also protect your investments.

            The Silk Road connected East and West; the spice trade (commerce) led to the 'discovery' of the New World.  The Vikings connected northern and southern Europe.  The world shrunk.

            Change and evolution spell survival, even if outside your comfort zone.

            In life, you can't always pick and choose what you want (but sometimes you get what you need - The Rolling Stones).

            Inevitably, bad comes with good, light with dark, man with woman, winning with losing, and life with death.  Even spies try to even it out with the rule 'one of us, one of them'.  Therefore, whether it's nature or intellect, diversity and opposites co-exist.  In addition, commerce and investment are often the starting point for the evolution of civilization.

            Like it or not, recognize it; ultimately, I hope you accept it.  It's a Universal Rule.

            People must come together to survive, just like after 9/11, the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the Haitian earthquake of 2010, Super Storm Sandy, the lighting of the Menorah, and the Three Wise Men under the stars!

            Even stars and planets come together!  (Friday the planets align, concurrent with the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar!)

            Are you diversified?  Are you evolving?  Are you investing in your future?


Sunday, December 9, 2012


50) Respect

ing it: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T".

             Affecting one's life starts with respect.

             Without, there may be no life, a short life or death.

            Lack of respect ends in homelessness, unemployment, fights, crying, depression, anxiety, divorce, split families, unhappiness, crime, murder, bloodshed, war, and death.  Look at the Middle East or the homeless or the seaside victims of Hurricane Sandy.  How about holding doors for others, not cutting lines, not cutting others off in your car.  Look at your family-filled holiday table;  how much tsouris, crying, fighting, unhappiness, and anxiety is there?

            Respect for one's health helps birth a baby.  Respect for the elements & food grow a child or keeps an adult healthier.  Respect for knowledge aids survival and teaches life skills.  Respect for others allows people to work and live together, improving quality of life and longevity.

            Respect for numbers allows families to grow, homes to be built, crops to be planted, businesses and finances to be managed, money to be counted, saved and invested.  It allows life plans to be made.  Farming & agriculture, business & trade, civilization & space travel all spawn from respect.

            If you show disrespect for others, or nature, or numbers, you may suffer.  You may have no home, food, income, clothes, savings, friends, family or life.

            Respect is basic.  Have respect.  Have respect for yourself, for others, nature, and numbers.

            John Donne said, "No (wo)man is an island".  Are you? 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


49)  Numerology

eligions have sacred numbers, mathematicians play with numbers, individuals bet on numbers.  (But 'Holy Rollers', in American English, refers to Pentecostal Christian churchgoers!)  This Financial Planners also interprets the numbers...

            December will offer us the date 12/12/12.  Numerologically, this will be very similar to 12/21/12, except for the slight change in order of the numbers, and of course, the end of the world on the later.

            One's represent the 'male' vibration: individuality, standing alone, leadership, power, and dominance.

            Two's represent the 'female' vibration: partnerships, relationships, intuition, compromise, and working together

            So many ones and so many twos, at first glance, could make for an interesting day.  In addition (pun!), there are the same number of ones and twos.

            However, we must look deeper.

            Speaking of addition, in numerology we use the full date (i.e. 2012), not just 12.  That makes the date 12/12/2012.  (That makes more twos; is this the lesson?)

            Then, we must add the digits, again, and again, until we can reduce them to a single digit:

            1+2 + 1+2 + 2+0+1+2  = 11;

            1 + 1 = 2.

            So, the day adds up to a two: partnerships.

            However, 11 is also a 'Master' number, in its own right, so expect magical things.

            Therefore, along the lines of basic algebra: 'if A = B, and B = C, then A = C', numbers are math, numbers are magic, so math is magic.

            That's why you need a financial planner: to work magic and pair the two: numbers and money.

            Numbers seem inflexible; the laws state that one plus one equals two.  But, sometimes, like birth, one plus one can equal three (or more)!  In addition (pun!), money, a medium of exchange subject to math, has to be used to plan a flexible life.

            Is your life magic?

            Financial Planners are magic, although they can't always work magic; they need your help.

            Who's your financial planner?


Monday, November 26, 2012

'The Anxiety Society'

48) The Anxiety Society

elcome to today's Depression Session, here at the Anxiety Society.

            Today we will cry and self medicate.  We'll bitch & moan, whine, complain and sleep.

            The only cost is your salvation.  No one can help you if you don't want to help yourself.

            If you're serious about ending it, and letting the rest of us down - friends, family, children - please do so quickly and quietly, and keep the line moving.

            If not, please hide your lethargy and temptation to complain.

            Reduce your sugar, caffeine, alcohol & drugs, and increase your sun exposure and exercise.

            ‘Fake it 'til you make it.’  Make yourself look decent since feeling good starts with looking good.

            Get out of bed.  Take a shower; regiment your existence.  Pace yourself.  Visit others.  Find a way to laugh frequently.  See a doctor, read, pray.  Repeat your affirmations three times daily - in the present tense.  Try standing and reciting them loudly.

            You cannot overcome or recover from this affliction by doing just one big thing; you must consistently do many small things.  We are biochemical beings in this incarnation, housing our essence; the correct mixture must be maintained!

            If you can't do the 'right' thing, it's better to still do some-thing, rather than noth-ing.

            Healthily help yourself.  Forgive yourself.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself permission to be human, and sad, and feel bad.

            Take what you need and leave the rest.

            Your journey may be long and arduous.  The light at the end of the tunnel may elude you for years.  Don't let this preclude your faith; knowing this can preserve it.

            In the pool, we teach the children, “What's worse than a drowning victim?  Two drowning victims!  Take care of yourself, first!  In an airplane, we teach you to put on your oxygen mask before that of the child next you.  You must save/protect yourself and then help others - and then, HELP OTHERS; it will help you.

            Heed well, or suffer the dark.  Learn well, practice frequently, and celebrate the light.

            The first step: dealing with daily survival.

            Once you deal with emergencies, you can get your daily survival under control.  You can look ahead, set long-term goals, make a plan; and find a way to execute it.  One step at a time; one day at a time.

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

            Emergency plan, Systems, Financial Plan.

            Are you taking care of yourself?


Friday, November 16, 2012

'Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best’

47) Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best



hile I'm surrounded by people who have to deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and the Nor' Easter, I encountered separate challenges.  They no longer involved the safety and comfort of family, nor wind, water, snow, power and physical destruction; I appropriately planned and managed those.   No, I received my annual holiday data corruption & emotional devastation package, a month early.

            I have karmic issues with computers et al.  My computers have always had issues that require me to make back-ups of back-ups; forget about triple redundancy; mine are squared and still have problems.  I have hardware firewalls and software firewalls, and portable drives to slide in my pocket for the next 9/11, as I grab the cat and hop my 10-speed.

            I often wonder if I should switch professions to Computer Engineer, since, like Star Trek's Enterprises, it seems that 50% of my human resources must be invested in maintaining my technology.

            It's not just computers.  It's migrated to toaster ovens, electric wires, and mechanical, low-tech devices.

            Keys & locks won't work, clocks stop, light switches break, electric lines go dead, TV boxes short out, and my cousin's cat died after I pet it!  (She believes I put out too strong an electrical charge; I must refer to my Kirlian photograph.)

            True to form, Murphy's Law and Schwartz's Corollary come into play (see prior blogs).

            Yet, once I squelch the panic, I can - must - deal with it.  If I'm patiently educated, my expectations managed, and my fears assuaged, I am able to release my anxiety, depression, stress, anger, complaining and fatalism, and obtain a rational view of my life - until the next time.

            My back-ups restore my life and my business, and I move forward.  I do what I have to do to survive, just like the homeless survivors of Breezy Point in the Rockaways who have lost their homes.

            I have a plan.

I look out for my physical safety & well-being on a daily basis; I have systems for running for my life.  I have insurances in place to prevent me from falling too far backward, and I have goals for moving forward.

            World crises may continue to worsen, from nature to energy, water & food shortages.  Some issues have been created by humans, some by nature, and they can combine and domino.  We can theorize such things as the burning of fossil fuels forming hydrocarbons; they, combined with the solar activity cycle, quicken Earth's heating.  Then, the ice caps melt, so now there’s more water in the atmosphere and less weight on Earth’s surface.  The heat with wet skies, cause worse and more frequent hurricanes, and the lower weight on Earth’s crust, may be allowing or causing earthquakes.  Tsunami!

Okay, assume I’m wrong; it isn’t worth the risk.  Life is fragile. (See earlier blog.)

Storms are more frequent, more severe and more unpredictable then we can remember.

In the middle of the US, we have the underground sea that, millions of years ago, separated the East Coast from the West.  It was formed during the last ice age.  Water was left behind by retreating glaciers, and somehow it ended up underground.  We discovered and tapped it, and we farm.

But, it’s running low.  The water isn’t replenished by rain.  No one’s really asking, and no one’s answering how to supply water to the middle of US later this century.

I’m under the impression that more than a dozen US states have official warnings about eating fish more than once a week.  The issue relates to what water sewage treatment plants don’t treat.  Some pollutants are harmful, like chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  Some seem less so, such as the caffeine, which is being found in freshly caught fish.

Many people around the world have to drink water that isn’t clear - brownish, if anything.  Many get infected from bacteria.  This could happen to everyone.

We have to PLAN.

            The planet is truly a living organism.  All of Mother Earth’s parts are inter-related.  We know that water circulates from any particular starting point around the globe, and eventually, circulates back, albeit some eons.

            The parts of your personal life and financial plan are just the same - all inter-related.

The planning process for anything in life starts when awareness is raised.

Then information is obtained, and education ensues.

Then you make a plan.

Making a plan starts with a goal - where are you going?  Start by seeing a 'Big Picture' - like a picture on the box of a jigsaw puzzle of your life.  You create the picture from your mind.

            Then, get the pieces and start by framing your picture puzzle. (Financial Statements/Reports)

Once it's framed, you must decide what sections to work on first.  (e.g. budget, tax, credit, 401(k), college, house)

            As you work and develop a plan, which takes physical, mental and psychic energy, you must remember that you can't jam the pieces in where they don't belong, so it's important to know when to take a break and walk away.  You return later - not too much later, to go back to it.  The hard part’s starting.  Once you develop habits, it becomes easier.

Eventually, all of the pieces start to come together and you can see the ‘Big Picture”

            Like many things in life, planning is important: measure twice, cut once.  However, you must execute/implement.

            Many people have great plans, but they’re always getting ready to implement them, rather than actually doing so.

Without execution/implementation, all is for naught: "For all sad words of tongue or pen. The saddest are these, 'What might have been.'" - John Greenleaf Whittier

            You can't constantly be getting ready without eventually jumping in the pool.  You must finally Do it.

As the picture comes into view, you can see how the pieces fit together.  If you get a raise at work, it increases your income taxes; but it also allows you to buy a home (because you can afford the mortgage & real estate taxes).  But the mortgage & real estate taxes are tax-deductible - which, now, lowers your taxes.  Also, your savings may be reduced by the down payment, meaning you may now want to replenish - or build- an emergency fund.  Your credit will be different.  It changes your budget, insurance, 401(k) contribution, and estate plan.

Now that you’ve identified the issues (monitored the plan), you can address them (manage the plan).

            A good plan allows for contingencies.

And that makes life easier.

            Some day is To-day.  Can you afford to keep putting things off?