Friday, December 28, 2012

'Death, Blood & Bloodshed (i.e. Family Holidays)'

53)  Death, Blood & Bloodshed (i.e. Family Holidays)

he Palestinians and Israelis were at it again Congress is too.  It's like two children who disturb the holiday dinner table.  People are pushing others to their death in front of NYC subways.  People are shooting schoolchildren and police officers.  People are burning churches.

            And then there are family gatherings for the holidays...

            Distant strangers feed the victims of Hurricane Sandy and help rebuild their homes.  Others are clothing and sheltering the homeless.

            It really starts with basic respect for one another.  It involves common sense.  And, hopefully, eventually, respect for one's self.

            Nothing can evolve without respect, not the Earth, Humankind, society or personal relationships.

            Whether it's for your family, who deserve the most respect, an entire people, your neighbors, coworkers, clients, the President of the United States, a senior fraternity Brother, a clerk or waitperson, it starts with respect.

            The world was reborn on 12/22/12; in this new time, new year, will you lead and follow with respect?

            Happy New World!


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