Wednesday, August 29, 2012

36) Let’s Chat

Y1 is NYC Time Warner Cable's 24-hour news channel 1.  In a recent debate between five Manhattan candidates for Congress, including the 42-year incumbent, Charles Rangel, the female candidate asked a question of another candidate about women.  It brought up the fact that women are still paid $0.75 for every $1 earned by a man.

          It's 2012?!

          What is this?!  Why?!

          Consider the following:
    • Women now make up:
      • 51% of the population
      • 2/3 of the workforce
      • 60% of college students
      • Growing ranks of legal, medical & accounting professions, and then some
    • Women control $14 trillion of personal wealth 
    • Women are more interested in achieving goals, than becoming rich 
    • 77% feel more knowledgeable than five years ago 
    • 72% maintain a private checking account inaccessible by the man in her life 
    • Women are not credited with managing household investments, and bill-paying 
    • 26% become interested in investing due to a life event such as childbirth, divorce, or death of a spouse 
    • 28% support an adult child 
    •  27% financially support parents 
    • 81% think that they’ll live to be 80 or more 
    • 37% think they’ll spend part of their retirement in a nursing home 
    • 54% of married women consider health a financial risk 
    • 36% consider death of a spouse to be a major risk 
    • 38% employ a financial advisor (54% for affluent women) 
    • Women are eager to find an adviser but are unhappy with the services, and products offered 
    • 50%+ feel patronized by financial advisors, especially as compared to male clients 
    • Women want a variety of services from their adviser 
    • Women are loyal, and make referrals     
                Who’s addressing your needs?!

Monday, August 13, 2012

35) Olympic Fever

 love the Olympics.  I was turned on to them in 1964, and haven't stopped watching them since.  When I graduated high school, four of us cycled to Montreal where we attended the Games and saw the likes of Bruce Jenner; that was when Nadia Comăneci scored the first perfect 10.  I ran into Cathy Rigby in the street.

            The XXX Olympiad is remarkable.  There seem to be more teams, countries and coverage than ever before.  Women seem to be in sports like shot put, javelin, weight lifting, boxing, and Water Polo, where I only remembered men.  Many have returned for their fourth or fifth Olympics.  For the first time, on the US team, there are more women than men. And, as of Wednesday, 23 of the USA's 34 Gold Medals were earned by women.

            I'm blown away by the number of female Olympians who have children, including twins, and are back, winning medals.  Talking about balancing your life!

             The US's first gold of the games was from a five-time Olympian woman marksman (only 36 years old).  Swimming, including marathon, gymnastics, and beach volleyball brought more.  Thursday saw the American women win gold in Soccer and Water Polo.  Friday will probably see them take gold in basketball, and on Saturday, maybe volleyball.

            We're still a great country, and maybe, finally starting to mature.

            At least one of the US women's swimmers trains with men, and it shows in her successes.  Is it only a matter of time before women and men begin to compete with each other?

            Is your life balanced?  What are your goals, woman?