Monday, January 14, 2013

'Motivated by Goals, Not Fears'

54)  Motivated by Goals, Not Fears

hat a shame to be motivated by fear - except, maybe, when safety’s at stake.

With the New Year, it's time to remember to set goals, and let them be your motivators.

You need to review your goals daily.  Maybe post a photo or display a toy or something that reminds you.

Also, use affirmations in the present tense that state the goal as already having been achieved.  This will help program your subconscious, or at least, help to manage expectations.

You must believe!

Goals can be achieved one step at a time.  Sort of, like how you eat an elephant - one bite at a time.  Or how a journey begins - by putting one foot in front of the other.

In WWII, MBO was developed - Management by Objectives.

For instance, if the goal was to recapture Paris, then the objectives were to first capture Hill 319, then Hill 320, etc.

So objectives are the step-by-step actions you take to systematically pursue your goal.

This calls for a plan - a financial plan.  Then you know what your goals and objectives are, what the time frame is, your risk tolerance, your liquidity needs (emergency plan), and other details.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle of your life, you start by framing the picture.  Then you start to fill in certain sections, such as credit, taxes, investments, insurance.  Eventually the picture starts to take shape.

And each piece has its place, so you don't want to jam it in where it doesn't belong.  This also means that, sometimes, you have to walk away and take a break.  You don't always want to plan without finally acting.

So what's your picture look like?  What's your plan?

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