Friday, March 8, 2013

'Congress: SHAME ON YOU!'

57)  Congress: SHAME ON YOU!

f they were children they would have been given a ‘time out’ or a spanking.  If they were high school or college students, they would have been suspended or expelled.  If they were professional athletes or investment professionals, they would have been evicted and, maybe, banned for life; they, themselves, would have been having hearings.   If they were Employees at Will, they would have been fired.  If they were military personnel, they'd be demoted or even thrown in the brig.  In another country, they may have been overthrown or assassinated.

            Indeed, according to a New York Times columnist, a record number of politicians went to jail in 2012.

            They managed to destroy our credit rating, which made the US Government the safest investment on Earth.  It was thought so due to its power of taxation, never having paid interest late, never having defaulted on a debt, and, loosely, its supposed ability to ‘print money’.  Now there are for-profit corporations rated safer, and their responsibility is to their stockholders!  There's no transparency, and our civil liberties are smothered.  There was the Fiscal Cliff, tax change (the type I expected and to our benefit, but after such bickering) and now the Sequester.   Voters and residents are confused, upset, depressed, disillusioned, and demoralized, and Americans are forming militias and becoming Doomsday preppers.

            It seems as if we’ve switched from one step forward, three steps back, to one slow step at a time.  At least, the stock markets think so.  Employment’s slightly up, we’re most of the way through the winter, some holidays are approaching, and American morale may be a little better.

            But, it's still the other Golden Rule: 'The One with the Gold Makes the Rules'.  Money is so strangely intoxicating.

Many continue to suffer, whether it's not knowing how much tax to have taken out of their paycheck, or about unemployment, or having lost their home due to business & financial collapse or weather.

            Congress has become a childish power struggle, dividing the Union like the Civil War for which our entire society shall pay and suffer.  One of my friends also thinks it's racist.  It’s something we must overcome immediately before it escalates and something horrible happens; they are supposed to be working for us.

            How long are we going to trust them?  How far are we willing to trust them?  We can kick the out at election times.

            Should it return to being a volunteer position like when we were founded?

            When you look at the lists of the cities on Earth to live (based on factors such as happiness, healthcare, infrastructure), it's becoming more plausible to leave the US.  There's a whole community of older brothers and sisters out there from whom we can learn and with whom we can enjoy life.  So many speak English, balance work & play better than we, have excellent technology & infrastructure, are less crowded, and have daily flights to the US.  Some are much less expensive - further bettering your quality of life.

            Do you have a financial plan?

            Who's your Trusted Family Advisor®?


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