Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Power of Apology

42) The Power of Apology

ome people just don't get it.  I fear it's more often men.  People have to be taught the healing, and healthy power of an apology.  An apology goes a long way.

            ”I'm sorry” and, "I apologize" are powerful and important phrases.

            They immediately diffuse a situation; they allow you to move forward, whether it's to walk away, be able to remain in the same room or car, try to grasp your feelings, cry, talk, or have 'make-up' sex, or remain friends, or simply non-violent.

            I believe it has to do with assuming responsibility for your actions, and respecting other people, and their feelings.

            If one can get out of their own way, and be confident enough in themselves, and their personal code of ethics, then one can more easily apologize.

            Apologies prevent war, apologies prevent fights.  Apologies can salvage activities, and relationships.  Apologies help avoid misunderstandings, confrontations, and unnecessary stress.  Apologies maintain familial relationships, allow friendship to foster, marriages to last, groups to thrive, civilizations to flourish, and humanity to evolve.

            Apologies can display empathy, and compassion; they can aid self-esteem, and self-confidence.

            We are a social being; we need others.  Apologies are generally inexpensive, and healthy; they are a life tool, and can aid your moral compass.

            How do you navigate?


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