Friday, October 5, 2012

41)  Tornadoes in New York!

ornados in New York - again!  Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, early snow, global warming, sun spots, meteors, unchecked deadly  insect, and animal populations, Avian Flu, bio-warfare, cancer, obesity, nuclear meltdowns, terrorism, murder in the streets, murder in the home, auto accidents, accidents in the home, the end of the Mayan calendar; end of the world?!

            Will anyone be surprised if aliens appear?  How about if the Earth opens, and Godzilla or Mothra emerge?  (I venture to guess that many New Yorkers will still just try to make the light and catch their train.)

            Nevertheless, are you prepared?  Have you planned?

            "What's a woman to do?! "

Risk Management, fellow Terrans:

1.    Step 1: Use Common Sense - the least common type.  Extra groceries & water in the house, a  Go-Bag & escape route, computer back-ups, life skills, mental skills, tools, lists, B-plans.

2.    Step 2: Emergency Cents (cash).  Cash to travel, savings for emergencies (& opportunities!), repairs, unemployment, disability; self-insurance.

3.    Step 3: Credit Availability, short-term borrowing, and/or not having to carry too much cash.

4.    Step 4:  Insurance - transference of the cost, of a catastrophic risk, to someone else; OPM (Other People's Money); pay a small amount of money to reserve a large amount of money:

a.    Health Insurance
b.    Disability Insurance
c.    Life Insurance
d.    Homeowner's (incl. Renter's) Insurance
e.    Auto Insurance
f.     Professional Liability Insurance
g.    Other Insurance

            Life is risk; do you manage it?  - Or does it manage you?

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