Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Big 4-0 40)  Speaking of Planning...

omen have critical needs & special interests, as their earning power increases, and their independence grows.  Women integrate money with the other parts of their lives, whereas men tend to categorize & segregate.

            Women tend to use money as a tool for achieving life goals, such as retirement, a home, vacations, taking care of kids, and not becoming a 'shopping bag lady’.

            Some women use money as an emotional crutch, such as spending to excess on pampering themselves when they work hard but don't have a fulfilling relationship.

            Men often view money as a competition, or a way to keep score, supporting - or damaging - their egos, self-esteem, and self-confidence.  Some use it as a tool for power, and control.

            Historically, women are not empowered about money, and underestimate their ability to manage it.  Men are confident, and pretend to speak the lingo, but don’t ‘stop to ask directions’.

            As women take control of their money, they ask for help, appreciate education, and recognize the value of goals, planning, and patience, systematically sticking to their plans, often resulting in the attainment of their goals.

            It’s all the more important today, as women’s control of money in the world continues to grow, and the markets don't want to cooperate.

            Do you have a list of goals?  Do they have target dates, and dollars?

            Can you make a list of your values?  Have you thought about morality?  Honor?  Integrity?  Loyalty?  Commitment?  Heroism?  Courtesy?  Friendliness?

            Is it time to visit with a Certified Financial Planner, see if there's a meeting of the minds, and then discover - or rediscover yourself?

            Organizing your physical, and mental lives frees you to explore your spiritual, and emotional ones.

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