Wednesday, September 5, 2012

37) The End of Summer


nofficially, summer has ended.  We’re done with the beach and lifeguards; kids are off to school, and we begin to turn our attentions to the Autumn and the 'school year’.

          We begin to buckle down with our careers, and businesses, maybe think about a mid-winter vacation, and changing our wardrobes in the closets.

            The weather and seasons will change, and with the cool, we may become more productive, and look further ahead.  The Dog Days of Summer (actually named for the August constellations), wane.

            Hopefully, the transition is smooth, healthy, and balanced.

            New adventures await.  We look forward; we look up.

We will experience a passionate Presidential election, we will continue to be inspired, for a while, by the ever-amazing Olympics.

We plan our future (and God laughs?), and, hopefully, we budget time, money, and flexibility for them.

            The March of time goes on - at least until Friday, 12/21/12, when the world ends with the Mayan Calendar...  Be prepared, winter, and Christmas could be cancelled, or continue indefinitely!  You may not wish to shop, or take retirement distributions until Monday, December 24th!

            Is your financial plan complete and flexible?  Have you planned a winter vacation & holiday shopping, and your estate?

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